The Posh Principles
Personal and Professional Branding for Career Success
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Be In Demand by Building Your BRAND



Do you know you are capable of so much more? Are you ready for a career change? Are you ready for the next level? If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in the right place. Avoid getting stuck and position yourself to "level-up" by branding yourself for success.

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Power Coaching Session

You are what they need! What you provide is in demand! They just need to know you exist and all the things you can provide. This executive coaching package will give you clarity on the steps you need to take to brand yourself around your next career goal. You will receive the blueprint to develop your brand presence both on and offline. For 30 days we will work together to:

  • Identify 1 exact goal you want to accomplish and the timeline.
  • Meet virtually or in person to determine your current situation, identify where you want to go, and close the gap.
  • Develop a customized, personalized action plan to market your strengths and develop your brand presence both on and offline.

Private Coaching session

Let's do this! This executive coaching package is an indulgence. It is an experience that can re-brand your identity, help you exude executive presence, and develop the reputation needed to get to the next level. This is for the serious ambitious professional who will work with me over the course of 90 days to change their lives. In this package you will:

  • Receive an intake form and non-disclosure agreement to protect your interest.
  • Identify your 6-month professional goals.
  • Meet each month in-person or virtually to develop ongoing action plans and meet accountability measures.
  • Be invited to exclusive client-only branding events in the form of dinner parties, networking events, and brunches in various cities. 
  • Receive ongoing support and monitoring of online branding presence to ensure consistency with your new personal or professional goals.
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Mini or Membership Options

Are you ready to elevate in your profession and financial goals and want to go at your own pace, then you have a choice of the Mini-Strategy Coaching or the Brand Management Membership.

  • Mini-Strategy Session: 2-Hour Intensive Coaching session where you will receive a mini-workbook with the core branding principles that you can immediately apply to your next career goal. We will meet virtually to discuss how to apply these principles to you immediate goals.
  • Brand Management Membership: This is a monthly membership where you will get access to monthly masterclasses on different branding topics, exclusive member-only invitation to LIVE branding events in the form of dinner parties, networking events, and brunches in various cities, product of the month discounts, and monthly office hours.